Life’s a Garden is a full-service landscaping company with years of experience and an impeccable reputation backed by hundreds of satisfied clients. With a team of skilled horticulturists, construction workers, and designers, we provide landscaping services that combine top quality, impressive aesthetics and competitive prices.

Our team specialises in the following services:


If there is something that we have learned over the years, it is the fact that every garden and client is different. This is why we approach every client individually.


Our experienced staff consists of project managers, landscape designers, stonemasons, bricklayers, carpenters and horticulturists.  


We keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the year with scheduled clean-up, pruning, fertilising, pressure cleaning or whatever it needs to keep looking fabulous.

Life´s a Garden professionals work with both residential and commercial clients. We are experts in all aspects of structural landscape services including:

  • Irrigation, drainage, paving and lighting works
  • Concreting and sandstone works
  • Site establishment, excavation and other earthworks
  • Decking, seating, pergolas and other timber works
  • Construction of outdoor rooms and other entertainment areas
  • Other soft works

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are one of the more important structures in every garden. We are the ones to call for when you need them to be as functional as they are stylish. Our adept stonemasons and bricklayers build retaining walls according to your needs and budget. Treated pine timber, concrete, wall cladding materials and natural sandstone are just some of the materials we use.


Paving can often be very time-consuming as it requires multiple suppliers and manufacturers of different products. Life´s a Garden cuts down the time as we take care of installing everything you have chosen.  We can even provide valuable advice to help you choose the best pavers. From natural stone, concrete, and clay, we can complete the paving in your garden without wasting precious time and money.

Irrigation and Water Features

All plants need water to live. While irrigation and water systems are important features for every garden, they also do a great job of creating a relaxed and inviting outdoor space. We work closely with you to build them according to your specific needs, whatever your budget.


Having a timber deck in your garden is a beautiful way to make indoor and outdoor areas of your property flow seamlessly. All decking boards we create are made of high-quality timber. In order to ensure maximum effect, we recommend using 140mm wide boards.

Soil Improvement

Organic matter is full of nutrients that are absorbed as food by bacteria and other microorganisms. Their waste products and remains are called humus. Binding humus with the soil improves drainage and makes it easier for roots to grow through the ground. By aerating your soil, you promote natural plant growth, resulting in healthier plants that bloom beautifully. With our deep understanding of soil improvement techniques, as well as local environment, we ensure your soil is well aerated and your plants healthy.         ¸


In order for your new plants to stay green and healthy, they need to be regularly mulched. There are several different types of mulches that we offer—leaf mulch, wood chip, and pebbles, to name a few. As with everything else, we decide on the type of mulch based on your needs and the needs of your plants. In doing so, we take an additional step to keep your garden beautiful while saving money and time in the long run.

Plant Selection

While gardens have become complex areas with a variety of modern features, plants are still the true highlight. Utilizing our local expertise and putting our broad knowledge into use, we guide you in selecting the type of plants that would thrive in your garden and integrate well with the surrounding natural environment.

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